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Easily Convert Walkman Chanakya Font To Unicode Online For Free. Using our Chanakya To Unicode converter Tool, You just need to type or paste in your Chanakya tool and we will automatically convert it into Unicode font. Then the resultant Unicode text can be easily shared online by downloading Word File, Sending an email via Gmail, or Sending it Directly To WhatsApp.

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What is Unicode?

Unicode is the encoding format containing the world's largest collection of characters from various languages. The major benefit of Unicode is it is supported in almost every technical device including but not limited to Windows Computers, Linux Computers, Macbooks, Android Phones, IOS Devices, etc.,

What is Chanakya font?

Chanakya is a font that was created specifically to support the Devanagari script, which is used to write the Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, and other Indian languages. Chanakya Font is one of the most famous Hindi fonts used by DTP operators and graphic designers and is widely used in India. It is a legacy font, which means it was created before the widespread adoption of Unicode, the standardized encoding for written characters on computers.

What is the benefit of converting Chanakya Font To Unicode?

If you know or have some document written in Chanakya Font, it is not easily shareable via the internet because the receiving person must have Chanakya font installed in his system. Also in the case of mobile devices such as android or iPhone, it is very difficult to install the Chanakya font. To overcome this issue, you can easily convert your text from Chanakya to Unicode so that it is viewable on all devices without the need of installing any other fonts.

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